Thursday, August 26, 2010

This,That And A Little Creep Thrown In

This may be the most scattered, rambling post I write. But hey, I've got a lot going on
and am ready to share.
First, I want to share the napkin "ring" idea I came up with.
Bit of lace, a key and a fabulous old photo tucked in.
Tablescape... is that even a real word?
Sounds obnoxious. I just decorate my table.

For those of you wanting new out of the way places to go in Door County, there is a great
place on Plateau Rd in Sister Bay where you can get the best honey you've ever tasted.
Also, while you're there, cut your own flowers and leave the money in a jar.
The sunflowers are fabulous, and the monarchs are all over this pastoral road.
Project for tomorrow... you just wait and see!

The blue color in this vintage pin is not correct in this picture. It's a bit softer with that 50's blue color.
If you come in and I'm wearing this, you must curtsie.

Creep Factor:

So, last spring my husband and I were coming home from St Paul, and we always
hop off the road and get into Hudson. (That's another story).
Anyway, there is a fun antique spot there and we spotted this old doll.
I grabbed it quickly thinking it could be something of shabby value.
It was at the counter when I realized the arms were gone, part of the nose was missing and
it had a hole in it's head!
Straw was coming out of the leg joints, and basically it was starting to gross me out.
I decided the little horror would have to go back on the shelf.
Then my husband pointed to something next to the counter.
Old crutches that had been for a child.
I got a case of the giggles.
The owner of this place never remembers me because I don't come that often, but when I
do I buy, buy and buy and I know she's impressed and curious about what I'm taking.
Anyhoo... why I got church giggles I don't know. I couldn't stop.
I really felt as though I were irritating her greatly when she chimed in
" There's no point in buying that poor baby crutches, she doesn't have any arms!".
Then she cracked herself up!
Love to laugh like that... makes the world all better again.
So while I've kept the poor thing in the back room, how perfectly creepy is she in the Halloween
I bet I know exactly what you're thinking at this point,
"She shoulda bought those crutches..."
Love you guys,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paper Bracelets

Look at these lovelies! They are paper bracelets that have been embossed,
hand painted and adorned by Jenny Gooden.
She had one on when she brought me these that she had been
wearing six weeks straight. It was starting to soften and fade, looking better
than ever.
Click the picture to enlarge.
24.00 each.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Shop Pictures... What's New! (and old)

I find it much more interesting to share lots of things with you, and then Ms Gracie's Cottage reminded me that I should be showing more pictures of the shop.
(for those of you wanting more of the county... Flying Pig in Algoma is a MUST)
Anyhoo.... lots of new things in this week.
I'm so fried from the trunk show and the whirlwind trip to St Paul, I can barely keep up.
Today I just decided to stay in the moment and not rush... (at the end of the day my 18 year old baby stopped by, wanting to eat dinner with me and watch Zombie Land... how can you refuse?)
From Taylor Linens, we recieved yummy linen shams that say "Good Morning", "Good Night" or "Sweet Dreams".

Still have some great vintage restaurant ware but selling out quick... getting low means I need to make a trip!
Okay, here's a question, see how heavy those saucer bottoms are? A lot of time I get in plates or saucers that have these really beefy bottoms. Do you think they were for a cruise ship or airplane? I wonder... maybe a train?!

More of the shams and quilted throw pillows.

We finally got these great lamps in.
Love the chenille like shades with the vintage looking wood bases.

Here's the good smellin' stuff! Shelly Kyle perfumes.... very light with citrus/floral notes.
And yes, that is body powder and a powder puff.
I had a customer in the other day that reminded me of when we all took baths, and them fluffed up with our Woolworth body powders... we all did, remember?

Check this out. My friend Karen gave me these tiny seedlings... sunflowers. Peter (you know Peter) put them out in the sign bed. The sign is a good seven feet tall and these babies are beyond that! Just getting ready to bloom.

These were dropped off today... back to school theme? Should, but I just can't.

Let's fast forward to Halloween! That's better than "back to school". Altered Ever After Halloween fun.

I adore this little blue chippy chair. It's sturdy and dreaming of a good home.

Burlap rules.... at least for the moment, and we've got some fun stuff.

I've never liked mass produced art work, but this one bit me. First of all, cherries.
The saying is what got me....
"We tend to seek happiness, when actually it's a choice." hmmm..."

A great assortment of frames that are new, but have a very vintage/antique feel to them.

Witchy Woman.

I love, love this! Shams and pillows on the hanging bed... very "cottagey".
Is that even a word? I know you know what I mean.

The best for last.... you don't see the entire necklace. You are missing the part that is an emptied vintage pocket watch filled with bits and pieces... and a young girl aka, Alice.

That's all for now, and sweet dreams to you each of you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trunk Show... Weather, Special Order!

I asked the weather gods if they would just blow the humidity out so that
people would actually want to try on clothes.
Seriously, Friday was a stunner and Saturday couldn't have been prettier!
Oddly enough, as we were shutting down the show, the humidity blasted right back.

As usual, we had a blast. Here are Diane from Monticello and Debbie from Magic Jacket sizing
up a customer and giving advice about her outfit.... I promised I wouldn't post her picture.

Here is some of the jewelry featured in my tent from Altered Ever After.

Debbie had the most beautiful accessories. Cloth rose pins from Krista Larson and fantastic
sautered pieces with bits of vintage lace inside.
Monti's beautiful tent.
Shopping Magic Jacket.
Patricia Shoppe had customers all day swooning over her Jill Schwartz collection.
Erin had to stay in her shop this day due to a scheduling glitch... we sure missed her, but Paula did the job just fine.

Savory Spoon's lunch offerings!

Ladies lunching.

I even introduced a bit of Halloween!
As always, it was a lot of work, but we always have a good time and there's nothing like dressing a woman with a basic and taking her around to other tents and being able to layer her up from other shops.

I'm just sorry it's over.

One other note.... I didn't get to feature the Patricia Shoppe as I had wanted, so stay tuned... I'm going to anyway.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Well. After the big trunk show, (which by the way was a blissful day, and more to come) we headed straight to St Paul to see this guy,
He is my oldest son.
We had an old, but great sofa to deliver to him. This young man graduated from Hamline University, May of 2008.
At the graduation ceremony, all of us were there, including both sets of grand parents.
So proud to watch him walk the stage and get his diploma.
I'll never forget the Hamline President's speech in which she noted that this was the worst time in history to graduate from college.
Hmm... true.

We moved to Door County when Danny was seven years old.

We thought that if it didn't work, we could always move back to Chicago, or Texas.

Danny was welcomed by a small, yet rather ambitious second grade class, and Mrs.
Woerful made certain that he sat next to Kurt L., who would take good care of him.

He did.

All these years later, Danny is living in St Paul, trying his best not to return to Door County.

Dan's making it happen.
The above picture is taken at the restaurant he works at, Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group.

I couldn't be more proud of him.
Growing up in Door County teaches you a work ethic like no other.
You have four months to make a living.
The other thing you learn is that life can take you in all kinds of creative directions.

Danny mowed golf courses, washed dishes, made pizzas and then some.

A lot of you remember all those years ago when he ran the cash register from time to time, at the shop.

Anyway, here he is making his way, and I couldn't be more proud.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Altered Ever After Heading To Viva

Last year, I decided I wasn't crazy about the outdoor dressing room. Then yesterday
a customer came in and said it was her favorite part!
UG. So today I'm working on making it a better outdoor dressing room.
(After I meet Debbie and run to Erin's to take pics!).
Anyhoo... guess who is on the road as we speak bringing treasures for the Viva booth?
Altered Ever After!!!
Not only jewelry, Candyce is bringing her incredible Halloween
works of art.

Jill's jewelry... can't wait to see what she's put together for us. It is just right for our shop!

Halloween sampling.... you're gonna love it.

See you Saturday!
(click on the photos to enlarge)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vendor Preview For Viva's Trunk Show this Saturday, Monticello on Jefferson

Monticello on Jefferson was one of the first stores I went into when we moved into Door County where I thought "finally someone who knows how to do it"!
Set in a charming bungalow, Diane the owner has brought to us everything we don't need, but everything we want!

Vintage inspired dresses by Loco Lindo... want one.

An enticing array of Hobo bags and clutches.

Books of all sorts, to make us want to dream, think deeply, cook, laugh and know it's not hot in here it is just you, but that's okay.

Monticello has jewelry and accessories for any occasion.

No one in the county carries a better variety of scarves.

Whimsical items as well.

Don't forget to stop by Viva this Saturday to shop, eat and enjoy the special collections Monticello will be bringing for this event!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trunk show, trunk show, trunk show, steam, mow, tent, display, food, parking,
steam, steam, steaming!
That is my brain right now.
So I thought I'd distract myself a minute and show you just how
cute we still were at the end of the day last year.
Can I just say that what you see above is five women business owners, all
of us competing to an extent against each other yet totally having a ball.
Whenever I'm scared, thrilled, wondering what was I thinking when I ordered
that, worrying for the 14th time if we'll get through June or had the biggest
sales day ever... well, I just call one of those girls.
No snarks here.
Now back to steaming.... ha, betcha I outsell them all!
This Saturday, here 10 to 5... don't miss it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Birdie Blue Sky... A Nice Detour From the Trunk Show!

What a surprise to find this lovely blog that featured my shop!
If you go to
you will see the feature on Viva,
but scroll through the entire sight to see lovelies like these!
.... and this

and be still my heart.... this!