Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Surprises!

There are several things to announce, and I'm not sure which one to do first, so here goes.
After YEARS of waiting for Cat Studio to produce Door County dish towels, they've finally gone and done it!
We have a good stock of them, and if you buy them now, they are 20% off the normal 20.00 price.
For a nominal fee, we can ship them to you.
The next surprise is the big sale we're having this weekend. The entire store will be 20% off, but we are going to mark down items like we never have before to make room for the spring items that will be coming in.
The French bubbles, oils and fragrance stones that I couldn't live without ended up being quite expensive. Everyone wanted them, but the 48.00 price tag for a bubble bath was not on the radar this year!
These will be marked down 70%
You can stock up and even if you don't use them, they make a gorgeous statement in you bathroom decor.
This Neesh by Dar Jacket is normally 214.00, but this along with other great winter clothing will be marked down 50%
We have quite a bit of stock.

This Fleur de lis necklace by La Vie Parisienne just arrived today at 90.00, but will be included in the 20% off sale.

Come on up to Door County and spend this New Year's weekend with us!

One other announcement.... we are getting a new website. It is still under contruction and we hope to have it up and running shortly after the new year.
This site will offer online shopping as well as great links and information about the upcoming year.

Peace and Joy for the New Year everyone,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Other Colors To Help Celebrate

Just wanted to share a quick picture of something I did at home.
I took a grocery store bought poinsettia  in that lovely cream and pink color and made it my own.  I even left it in the gold paper it came in.  Put it into a crystal dish that was a wedding present, and filled it with glass pine cone ornaments.
These are my favorite colors.... don't like orange and black at Halloween and not a big fan of red and green at Christmas.  There is something about gold, champagne, pink, rose and cream that I love... especially when they sparkle.
Happy Holidays to you all, however you celebrate!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Harvest Table Find

While I am tucked in and cozy, waiting for the blizzard to hit, I thought I'd share the picture of the Harvest Table I bought during my adventure to Minnesota.
It is 78" long, made out of salvaged wood with a great finish of cream and touches of old gold to give it a worn yet clean look.
As you can see by the decorating, I have not yet masted the clean look, I'm still in the "more is better look"!
You can see that I have four place settings on each side but in reality, six would be perfect.
This is when I wish I had my friend Kay to take pictures!  My little camera doesn't do it justice!
Sometimes  there are certain items that I think I should take home for myself, and this is one of them!  We'll see how long it stays at the shop!
Stay safe in the storm everyone...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Over the Mustard Moon in Carver

Have you heard of those "occassional" sales that are becoming so popular? Well, I decided to venture to the St. Paul, MN. area to check them out myself.
First of all, these are sales of mostly vintage items that are put on once a month, each month with a different theme.
We had a couple of adorable ladies in the shop that were talking about them, and a couple of weeks later several postcards arrived in the mail with the names and dates of the best "occassional" sales. (thanks by the way!!!)
We loaded up the Junker Ford, just in case, and we were off!
Let's just start with my favorite stop.
Mustard Moon..... and I thought I was clever. Walls papered in old book pages, old into new, fresh greens in farm implements, rusty I-don't-know-whats turned into tables with a simple addition of glass... and on and on it went.

Mustard Moon also shared space with several other sellers and they were equally as charming and the prices more than fair. I think the thing I loved most was the excitement you got from the people working the sales. The sale lasts a few days, and then they are off all over again to garage sales, estate sales, Uncle Bill's barn and any inviting dumpster.
Below is a listing of the best places I found....

The Nature of It, Carver MN

Mustard Moon Carver MN

Seasons in Carver

Linda's Cellar, Chaska MN

The Porch & Atelier Buffalo MN

Buffalo Antique Mall Buffalo MN
(don't let the antique mall title throw you off, it was inspired!)

Second Hand Rose Buffalo MN

I loaded up my truck to the gills! I will be going back, so if you see me, it's every man for himself.... or rather every junker for herself!!!!

Happy Holidays