Thursday, June 24, 2010

Viva's Vintage Market is about to swing into action! The dust is flying as we prepare a fabulous day of vintage and handmade shopping and good eats.
In the gardens of
Viva la Cottage
Sat. July 10th
10 to 5

Monday, June 21, 2010

My First Flea Market And A Slight Hangover

It's hard to believe, but it's been almost 20 years since I first discovered Kane County Flea Market. We were living in Wilmette IL and the boys were one and six. John traveled a lot... a lot. If you have, or remember having little ones at your feet (and a husband out of town), you know the idea of a flea market that is about an hour away, with two girlfriends, is just what the doctor ordered.

The previous summer, I had taken a quick alone trip to Dallas to go to visit my parents. Mom and I always took a day to hit the road and explore little Texas towns, and ended up in Fredricksberg.
What a charming spot! We had never seen anything like this.
Mom and I ventured into a store called "Homestead".
I thought we were going to actually fall over at all the creative ideas that were going on in this home decor store.
I had never imagined mixing old and new items... and bedding where nothing matched exactly, but was somehow just right.
Beds made out of hickory so fresh, some had sprouted leaves.
Huge vintage jars filled with white, children's tea sets, white buttons and string. Tattered violins, iron beds and white antique linens hanging from the rafters. Huge farm tables set with antique china where not one pattern matched, but the colors did.
(Imagine the Angels singing)
Anyhoo, I was bit... and bit big.... (back into my native slang).
So my friend, Susie suggested we go to this "flea market" and see what it's all about.
At this point, I hadn't really thought about vintage or antiques... or really even collecting them.
I was however, enamored with transferware. I didn't know there was a name for it, but always like seeing those patterns in old movies or television shows.
I decided that I would look for a wash basin set, you know, the bowl and pitcher thing.
To set the tone, you must know that John was out of town, but coming home the next day and a sitter was all set.... and that the night before when the boys were settled in their beds, my childhood friend Dyanne called and was having some relationship troubles.... and that she had a glass of wine. A thousand miles away, I cracked open a bottle for myself.
When 5:00 am rang in loudly, I was not at my best.

Nausea... and then some.

During the drive there, I knew I needed food.
It was May, but drizzling and really, really cold.
We parked and paid our way in, and I confessed to my girls that I had to find some food or we would be going right back home.
Cold and hungover... (angels again) we wandered into the main building where the local 4H club was selling home made soup. White bean with chicken, and oyster crackers to boot.
I was a new woman!

We found ourselves surrounded by several booths that sold antique quilts. We had quilts as kids that our relatives had passed down, but I had never seen artwork like I was seeing.
You know how you have moments in your life where you see something and are forever changed?
Susie picked up a quilt, spread it out. She ran her hands over it and remarked at the quality of and craftsmanship behind every stitch.
That was it for me.

So now I want to show you what I found that day.

The pitcher, basin, shaving cup and saucer as well as the chamber pot.
Susie did mention that it would be great to serve soup out of...

This was my most delightful find. Just for me.
I paid 185.00 for it all those years ago and still love it.
The entire day was so special... did you know that when it's cold, raining and muddy that at every flea market they sell socks and gloves?
At the end of the day we had a huge meal at "Country Kitchen" that filled us up for the ride home. (We were hungry.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just For Dad

Just in from Archipelago, a wonderful men's bath and body line.
Shower gels, body and hand creams and candles. Great hydration, not to mention he will smell divine! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have You Been Outside?

So many of our customers come in, shop and leave. Some do wander the grounds, which is also important to us! We've actually had people picnic on our grounds, and we welcome that as well.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share pictures of the outside of the shop to entice you. This is out the back door and where our Vintage Market and Trunk shows are held.
Lavendar is ready to bloom... right at the corner of the front door.
One of our patios. In the back you can see the grapevine arbors that Peter put together several years ago.

When I walk over to the bakery next door to grab a treat, this is the bridge that leads back to the shop. You can see our red doors ahead.

Siberian iris growing at the shared walkway with the bakery.

There is the bakery straight ahead. Did you know you can park at either place and walk back and forth? We encourage it.

A view of our little pond.... ahem.... that needs some skimming...

More pond.

A different view of the back where we hold our outdoor events.

The other side of the pond where Peter insisted on a Zen garden. Not my style, but I don't argue with Peter.

So there you have it! A beautiful day in Door County and me just showing off!
Come and see us and maybe bring a picnic!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creative Kids at Viva's Vintage Market

We're excited to introduce a children's craft area this year at
Viva's Vintage Market!
Christine Andrew, former owner of Ginny and Freda's will be helping
kids of all ages decorate berets. So while Mom and Dad shop the market, your little ones can occupy their time
creating and crafting a fabulous beret.
There will be a nominal charge of 12.00 to cover supplies.
Beret decorating is on a first come first serve basis and supplies are
Strawberry dessert contenstants..... anyone?

Monday, June 14, 2010

How Quickly It Goes... A Door County Wedding

This post has nothing to do with the shop. This post is purely sentimental and I wanted to just share something so sweet with you.
My oldest son, Danny's childhood friend got married on Saturday.
Cole Seaquist.
If you've ever been to Door County, you know that Seaquist name and it's association with all things cherry, apple, farm and market. Seaquist roots run very deep here.
Cole and Danny lead very different lives these days, but memories abound. Especially with us Mom's who sat on bleachers, carpooled, hosted sleepovers, celebrated our boys victories and comforted each other when we realized our babies were less than perfect.
While making our way to our seats, I spotted Delmar Dahl pulling the young men together in a prayer circle.
We were seated way out in a field surrounded by a cherry orchard. We looked back at the house to watch the ladies come in.
The flower girl made sure that those rose petals did not escape.

Here's Terry. She's Brady's Mom, who was one of Cole's best men and we love each other's boys. Who knew Pickle could turn on the charm?
You might remember Pickle from Husby's.
This picture makes me giggle.... I mean even his eyebrow is cocked just so!

Cole and Delmar Dahl making their way to the front.
Cole was born with that smile on his face.

Robin... Cole's Mom. Look how beautiful she was that day.
I know she is so proud of Cole.
We are such good friends and sometimes we have to remind each other to spend more time together.

After the I do's Lisa and Cole steal a moment before the greetings begin.
And then there's Lisa.
Cole and Lisa met at the University of Minnesota.
Did you know she lives on the island?
They grew up just miles from each other and had to go to MN to finally meet!

Here is Nick... aka Will Ferrel in Anchorman... on the left. I don't know where that hair came from!
But there is Brady on the right, and my Danny in the middle.
Danny is living in St Paul, so when I see these boys together my heart just smiles.

Lisa and Cole.
I've only met Lisa two or three times, but in those short moments, I could tell there was something very dear about her and very genuine. She is one special girl.

We could not make the reception which was held on the island.
I was sorry, especially after getting caught up in the wedding sentiments, I was ready to toast.
I know Terry got her Bitters card.... and I'm sure a great time was had by all.

Cole Seaquist, when did you become such a gentleman?
Sniff, sniff.....

Friday, June 11, 2010

There are some really great new items at Viva that arrived this week.
You might be aware of Trillium's organic body line that is made right here in Door County,
but you don't know about the organic Baby and Mom line they have introduced,
because I'm the first to carry it!
All kinds of rubs, oils, balms and bath products. A really great one is the "Breathe Free Tea Tree Respiratory Rub" Perfect for a little stuffy one.
(I've had this green rack/thing for a year knowing it would serve a purpose at some point...HELLO.)
Set of Un Petit Jounals

Fun and fabulous aprons... I wore mine at work all day and got tons of

"Here Today Gone Tomorrow" ledgers.

I have so much fun hunting, using and displaying with vintage items, that
I sometimes get too caught up in that and forget to report what's new
at Viva. After all, I know better than anyone what makes vintage look so good is
mixing it with the new.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chippy Shabby Pays Viva a Visit

What a nice surprise! Jeanine from Chippy Shabby paid us a visit
and posted it on her fabulous blog!
You must check out her blog Chippy Shabby for a fun visit.
Jeanine will be showing at the Nortwinds show coming up as well as joining us July 10th for Viva's Vintage Market.
Jeanine has shows everywhere and I can't get enough of her finds.
Pay her a visit and tell her I said hello!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Mark you calendars for our 4th annual Vintage Market.
I look so forward to this every year and can't wait for you to see all
of the treasures that could be yours!
Wonderful collage from Theresa of Assemblage in Green Bay.... much more where this
came from!
Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Garden From the Dump

Many of you know this place. It's a wonderful campground that is around the corner from the shop. Like much of Door County, it's full of all kinds of people and all levels of camping types.
From tents to RV's that cost more than my house.
Kayakers invade the place each summer and I love driving by seeing their temporary tents and kayaks piled high.

This is my BFF Karen, who with her husband Mike run the place. They took over from Mike's parents (who are everywhere on their golf carts) and have their nephew Josh and his sweet wife Carol and two precious little girls, working hard, next
in line for the thrown.

If you're reading my blog, you know my shop. You probably know I'm not the camping sort and Karen and I are very different in our asthetics, so to speak.
Our friendship stems from walking.
I'm thinking we've been walking for maybe ten summers now.
Let's just say we've laughed (howled), cried, been furious, scared, joyful, thankful and would defend each other until the end.
So when Karen asked me to help her with a garden problem, I agreed without hesitation.... hmmm.

You want to do what?
She reminded me that the cedar trees roots were spoiling the annuals space and that I had mentioned maybe planting annuals in galvanized tubs and buckets.
She and Mike invaded (illegally I might add) an old dump that farmers would throw their things into before we had garbage pick up.
Could I help her place these buckets and tubs around?

Here is the blank slate.

And here we go! After I was certain my tetnus shot was fairly recent, we dug in.

Let's just say, not everyone was on board, but after moving and digging and planting, things were looking pretty darn great!

(There have been reports of big time crow eating at Aqualand)

We have no clue what this is, but when the impatients fill out, look out!

The smaller buckets at the top of the picture had hooks on them so we attached them to the bigger tub for a fun layered look.

One man's garbage......

Here is a shot from the front. All that's left is to watch it all grow and fill out.

Karen and I were so proud of our work we hit the dump that same afternoon...

Wait till you see the old chicken feeder I planted up at home!

In the end, another great day with my girl... and I wouldn't advise any of you to just wander into any dump that you see.

We've been caught.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Viva's Vintage Market

It's going to be here before we know it!
Mark your calendars for July 10th.
Great vendors and great food.
If you haven't been, you don't know what you're missing!
For any questions, call me at 920-854-6842.