Friday, May 21, 2010

Humble Beginnings (I'm Outta Here)

Do any of you remember this little gem of a cabin? It was where we first opened
Viva la Cabin on Townline road.
It was originally a german schoolhouse, but went on to serve as art galleries,
artist's studios and finally into a summer home.
Remember Valerie? She was my first employee and I could really crack the whip.
Boy, do we have a couple of stories that would knock your socks off... actually, I'm going to write
about the four foot long pine snake soon, because it is a gem of a story and has bonded Valerie and I for life.
When we had the little cabin we painted all the trim in a great red color and put in gardens on the back side with a little stone patio. It was just lovely.... but no one came to see us.
Location, location, location! Fourteen years later we are in a prime spot surrounded by other worthy retailers, but
boy do I miss that cabin. All I have to do is open a box of Gianna Rose soaps and I'm transported right back in time.
I do want to show you these darling magnets that came in. We have several different styles.

These soaps as well. They pack a 16.00 price tag, but the wrapping, smell and the glass charm
do make a great gift.
We are open every day now, and next week the Heart's Desire clothing will be here!
We've all been waiting and it may turn into a party/shoving match to see who gets what first!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I just want to say one thing... to all 22 of you.... thanks for following
my blog. I tend to write like I'm the only one reading this, and then my heart is
so warmed by a comment.
If you are a follower, be sure to know that I have visited your blog if you have
one and am charmed and inspired by all of you.

I want to share this blog as a treat to you.... From Debby at The Gathering Nest
This may be the most beautiful apron I have ever seen.
Now click here to see the apron and also get caught up in the music like I did.

Spring Arrivals

The lovelies are so sweet. Floral pins cute on hand bags, totes, jackets, hats.... whatever you can think of!
Remnants of last weekend. Gerberas wrapped in sheet music.

These notes are my new favorite. Delicate little drawing with a sprinkling of glitter.
You can purchase a set of notes (which would be a lovely gift) or we also have individual
cards. My favorite is a little drawing of a moon and it says
"you hung the moon".

Fleur de Lis pins with ribbons.

Tombone jammed with bloomers!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Here We Go! Vintage Nest Show Time!

Today starts the sale.... we're icing the cupcakes and putting the finishing touches on everything.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10 to 5
Stop in and say hello and find some great gifts for Mom!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Nest of Door County and Other Special Things

You could make this trip a day or a weekend.
Here's how.
Come to Viva la Cottage for the Vintage Nest of Door County Show.
We are set up and ready to roll.... lots of treats in store.
The county is open and ready, but since it's early there are plenty of vacancies.
A couple that I like are the Black Smith Inn in Bailey's Harbor and The Lodgings At Pioneer Lane in Ephraim.

If you want a wonderful tour of the county that is not all on the beaten path, plan your tour by going to this website
The above site is all about boutique shopping and eating.

The Favorites of Door County also like to fill you in on new places that are just fantastic.
If you want a really great Wood Fired Pizza with a great beer and wine menu, the
in Fish Creek is a must, not to mention the staff and its owners are quality with a capital "Q"!

The last reason to make a trip to the county is because of the early spring, almost everything is in bloom!
Cherries, trillium, tulips, daffodils, AND forget-me-nots!
Hope to see you this weekend,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vintage Nest Items Are Dropping In!

The show is getting closer and we are not getting enough sleep.,... only because we're so excited!
Each day we're bringing you complementery treats!
Friday, enjoy our famous cream cheese and coconut cupcakes, and
whas them down with Arnold Palmers.

On Saturday we will have Mango Iced tea and sour cream coffee cakes.

Sunday will bring Rhubarb and Strawberry Lemonade!
I will post some of the wonderful containers we've planted up for you.... it's a hoot.
I think my favorite is the rusty trombone filled with ivy and petunia's!