Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trunk Show Guest, Magic Jacket

Our "Friends of Viva" Trunk Show is coming up August 7th, and thought I'd do a post to feature each shop over the next couple of weeks.
Today is all about Magic Jacket.
Here is Debbie... how adorable is she? Not a more generous, artistic and fun person have I been around. Oh, and did I mention she has one of the most drool worthy shops in all of Door County?
Before I go on, I want to mention that her shop was busy, and I didn't get all the clothing shots I would have hoped for, but you get the idea!

Outfit by Krista Larsen... I am crazy about these tops. I have a couple myself and simply wear them with jeans.
Magic Jacket is a fairly small store in size, but you must look in every nook and cranny.
These one of a kind pins were on the wall behind the counter.
Yes, please.

Debbie has the most unique selection of shoes I've seen.
These are fabulous, as well as comfortable.

There is a wonderful selection for brides as well as Mom's of the bride as well.

A very nice selection of the above... head to toe if need be!

Shoes and accessories by Mona... all kinds of shoes and handbags painted in vibrant colors and styles. Mona will be a special feature at the trunk show.

Did I mention the great bags? Check it out.

These necklaces looked great so many different ways.

Great shoe by Mona.

Debbie's party skirt... really! At my little birthday gathering, Debbie had on a simple white shirt, blue jeans, and this skirt as well.
I think I need one! We should all have party skirts.

Be sure to check it out next time you're in Fish Creek.
Top of the Hill Shops, open daily 10 to 5.
Want to see more? They have a great website:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trunk Show Break at the Wild Tomato

With the trunk show coming up and actually realizing that customers are reading this blog, I have decided to do a feature on each shop during the next two weeks, so you can get to know the owners a bit (all charming in their own rights, and such unique personalities).
I just spent the best hour at Magic Jacket. Taking photos is a great way to really get into the store. I'm a great shopper, but I'm not one to spend hours picking a store apart.
It's also a wonderful way to watch another shop owner interact with customers.
After I finished the "shoot" (doesn't that sound professional...) I realized I was famished and needing food.
I was in Fish Creek, tourists abound on a July weekend, where could I get something really good, but not have to be in the thick of things.
Wild Tomato.
I would just get a veggie wrap to go.
If someone else had been with me, I would have gotten a pizza, which frankly may be the best in the state of Wisconsin. I'm not kidding.

Click here to go to their website.... you must get a look at the menu
And check out the entire website. You'll get a kick out of reading why they changed the name of the restaurant when they bought it, and get to know the owners as well.
I have to admit I was really put out when Diggers was gone, but have eaten my words many a time.

You can sit outside under umbrellas, or dine inside. The wine and beer list is lovely, and thoughtful.
When it gets to be July in Door County, employers and employees alike can get a little "tense".
Not the case at Wild Tomato.
There is quite a large staff, which in such a small space impresses me, and I always notice that they all seem very relaxed and friendly.
Things go very smoothly inside.

This day was so crowded, and it was hard for me to get too many great pictures, but after the two adorable hostesses greeted me, they let me get some action shots while I was waiting on my veggie wrap.

Love this guy... he knew how to work it for the camera, even in front of the hot wood fired stone oven with orders piled up.

A shot of a pizza... wish I had someone to share one with.

So, in about five minutes my veggie wrap came out of the stone oven. Roasted peppers, mushrooms, gorgeous avocados, spinach and a side of beans and rice.
Love all you visitors to the county, honestly I do. What would we do without you?
However, sometimes I just don't want to be in the hustle bustle of it all.
So I took the above, and had my lunch.....


Get to the Wild Tomato in Fish Creek.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fresh At Viva

Altered Ever After left us with some beautiful bracelets, that tie on
with vintage lace.
Linen waters from France, great for ironing or spraying directly
onto your sheets for freshening.

Yippee! New capri's from Pine Cone Hill!

Love, love this body polish. We've been blowing through cases of it.
Made right here in Sturgeon Bay. Leaves skin feeling just yummy.

Burlap! Wall hangings, rugs, bolsters and euro shams.

New.... an abundance of fresh soaps from France.
Stop in, there is something really special to me coming in this week,
and it smells divine!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Day Off In Door County

First, deal with these two new additions to our house.

Across the street, time to bail it.

Just up the road, Karen's studio... used to be a school. Who knew she would travel the world with her paintings and not even know she could paint until about four years ago.

My favorite little farm stand.

Back home.

So nice today, should go and just stroll around town.

Should make a stop, you never know....

I was right.

Old church down the road recently transformed into a lovely get away.

Kids jumping off..... some things never change.

Yum, bumbleberry pie........

Say hey, to Ben and Candace at DC Deli and debate pie.

New potatoes from farm stand... pick out the tiny ones, about the size of the end of my thumb.

Mom's little cast iron skillet, olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, 400 degrees
for about 20 to 30 minutes,
creamy on the inside, crispy on the out.