Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Break for Fall and Art

A lot of you know that I just don't like Halloween decorating.  I don't like black and orange, witches, ghosts or any of that.  (I did love raiding the trick or treat bags after the boys had gone to bed).
This is my take on fall.  Green gourds.  These are actually going across my mantle which is a log beam, but the lighting was bad so I put them here just to show.  Each gourd is leaning or tilted in a way that makes me think they are in deep conversation!  So charming.
I have seen this several times before (thanks for the reminder Katie), but I love it.  I realize there is some orange, but at least it's not the fake kind.  This is a cinch to put together with a dowel, especially if it goes on through into the dirt.  I won't mention how much these pumpkins and gourds actually cost!
This is the most special thing in my house right now (except for John).  At the Favorites Tasting and Fashion Show last week, this was one of the donations.  I put all of my tickets in this basket, yet lost.  My good friend from Monticello won a couple of prizes, this being one of them.  I chided her (in good fun) and in her generous way handed it over to me.  She has some pieces already in her house and wanted me to have it.
This is from Popelka Trenchard Glass Studio in Sturgeon Bay.
They are world renowned artists and I can't tell you enough how much you need to visit that gallery.

Unfortunately, my camera can't capture the light of it.  It is sitting on my chippy table in front of a window where the light shine through it all day.

This makes my heart SiNG!

Now that I've taken that break, you'll be hearing from me soon about the Winter Wonderland Event at the end of October....  knowing my stress level right now.... it should be fabulous!!!!