Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Garden From the Dump

Many of you know this place. It's a wonderful campground that is around the corner from the shop. Like much of Door County, it's full of all kinds of people and all levels of camping types.
From tents to RV's that cost more than my house.
Kayakers invade the place each summer and I love driving by seeing their temporary tents and kayaks piled high.

This is my BFF Karen, who with her husband Mike run the place. They took over from Mike's parents (who are everywhere on their golf carts) and have their nephew Josh and his sweet wife Carol and two precious little girls, working hard, next
in line for the thrown.

If you're reading my blog, you know my shop. You probably know I'm not the camping sort and Karen and I are very different in our asthetics, so to speak.
Our friendship stems from walking.
I'm thinking we've been walking for maybe ten summers now.
Let's just say we've laughed (howled), cried, been furious, scared, joyful, thankful and would defend each other until the end.
So when Karen asked me to help her with a garden problem, I agreed without hesitation.... hmmm.

You want to do what?
She reminded me that the cedar trees roots were spoiling the annuals space and that I had mentioned maybe planting annuals in galvanized tubs and buckets.
She and Mike invaded (illegally I might add) an old dump that farmers would throw their things into before we had garbage pick up.
Could I help her place these buckets and tubs around?

Here is the blank slate.

And here we go! After I was certain my tetnus shot was fairly recent, we dug in.

Let's just say, not everyone was on board, but after moving and digging and planting, things were looking pretty darn great!

(There have been reports of big time crow eating at Aqualand)

We have no clue what this is, but when the impatients fill out, look out!

The smaller buckets at the top of the picture had hooks on them so we attached them to the bigger tub for a fun layered look.

One man's garbage......

Here is a shot from the front. All that's left is to watch it all grow and fill out.

Karen and I were so proud of our work we hit the dump that same afternoon...

Wait till you see the old chicken feeder I planted up at home!

In the end, another great day with my girl... and I wouldn't advise any of you to just wander into any dump that you see.

We've been caught.


Blogger Gracie's Cottage said...

It all looks great; love that old chair especially!
The junker in me hates landfills and longs for the old days (when I was a child), when you drove your stuff to then "shopped" for what others has discarded!

June 3, 2010 at 1:17 PM  
Blogger Gracie's Cottage said...

"drove your stuff to the dump..."
(sheesh - I should learn to proofread!

June 3, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

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