Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Address

If you are visiting this blog and wondering just what happened,
we have a new blog!
Long story, but same author and store, just needed a face lift.
The new address is

now go!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foof and Fluff

Just click here to go to the new site... and new post.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My First Giveaway!

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to go to my new site and you chance to win
a darling prize!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Blog Address

After lots of fussing, I have found it easier to just put up a new blog.
It's more applicable and the name is no longer confusing.
Our new address is

Just click on the link above to go directly to the new site.

If you have been a follower, please sign up again! I hate to lose you!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time To Clear The Clutter... Rather Re-Arrange

Today, I had some time off and was home alone.
Just felt like I needed to do some cleaning and getting rid of so much clutter!
Along one wall, we are blessed with wonderful bookshelves.
Do you know what happens when you have such a luxury and are a hunter/junker/collector?
You keep tucking and arranging until finally you don't even know what's up there.
That's how I spent my afternoon... and boy was I going to toss some stuff out.
I started by pulling off a lot of the old books we've collected over the years.
Had totally forgotten about these.

And this.

A book of Irish toasts. How fun!

Surprised? I know. My family and it's odd ball personality. When the boys were little, we
thought it would be fun to search out the tackiest souvenir on every vacation that we took.
You will find toe nail clippers from London, salt and pepper shakers from the Dells, a photo of us posing with wooden soccer players in Barcelona and plenty more.
Double click the picture if you must see more detail...

I'm not the only collector in my house... John can't help himself.
The above are some of his items. See the boxer? He's actually a salt shaker.
The pepper must have been the one throwing the punch.

San Antonio. It's an old dance hall that has live bands and they play country and western music.
You'll find couples, families with young kids and single scouting the place for a good
two stepping partner.

I'm telling you that everything you see here was in those shelves. I see this everyday,
but really looked at it again.
Click on it to read the sweetest saying.

John and I picked up these salt and pepper shakers... I bet 20 years ago in St. Charles.
They still charm me.

John collects unique ash trays.
Where do we put all this stuff?

One of my early flea marketing finds. Bought if for my husband at Kane County.

When we first moved into this house, we had a water line run to a building out back.
The boys and I had a great time being archeologists. We dug up bits and pieces of old
china. Notice the doll's ear.

Man zone. Liquor and drawers.
Opposite these drawers are John's hunting guns.
Tightly locked away.
Wanna cringe with me? When our youngest was in middle school, the teacher asked the
students where would be a safe place in case of an emergency...
One of the students piped up "The McMahons! They've got plenty of weapons and liquor!".
I still break out in a sweat when I think of it.

Let's open a drawer.... inside the handkerchief is a collection of
acorns that John and Ben collected at the state park when Ben was only three years old.
I'm going to blame John for the rumors going around the school.

Not a great shot of the room, but you get the idea.
You know what? After four hours of opening, sifting, cleaning and re-arranging, I didn't toss a thing.

Old books... good night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Flurries Inspire!

All of Door County woke up to snow flurries this morning!
At first I felt that tinge of despair at the bleakness of it all, but after a cup of
coffee I was loving the coziness of it all and remembering what a
different and wonderful this place is during the winter months.
This is when we have our small town community, shared with
only a sprinkling of tourists.
I thought I'd share some wonderful items for sale in the shop that
just adds to the coziness. All these items can be purchased and shipped... and remember, everything is 20% off!Red and white cable knit scarves with huge pom poms on the ends are so soft.
40.00 reg. price.

A very nice selection of Nouvelle fall and winter scented candles.

The nesting instinct sets in this time of year.
We have these organic cotton dining room chairs covers and
ruched cotton napkins.

The sweetest ornaments to mark the season.

Glass ornaments with sparkle and charm

Also, a nice variety of French inspired slate boards in different sizes, all with
a burlap rope for hanging.

And in the vintage department, we are loaded with holiday goodies.
A really lovely selection of vintage handbags, perfect for all the
parties coming up.
Don't you love the travel case with the mirror?

As always, a variety of great restaurant ware.
These mugs are hard to keep in stock.
Also, you can just see the corner of a very large ironstone platter.
I've never seen one like this... with a lovely raised pattern.
By the way, I have been informed that all of my followers and bars have just
been covered up. Over the next week, the blog will be getting a face lift and all will be
Have a cozy day!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Don't Know Exactly What Happened!

Well, I decided it was time to update my blog and get a little face lift.
Followed the directions, I thought, to a tee.
Gone are all my side bars.
Gone are my followers.
I'm not going to cry.... yet.

Bare with me over the next days while I try to repair the damage.