Monday, April 12, 2010

Junkin' around... hit and miss!

This past Sunday, John and I decided to hit the road and go to the Shawano Flea Market.
Hmmm.... not what I had hoped for although I did find a few items.
So we decided to take the back roads.

We passed this shop out in the middle of nowhere and I told John to just keep on going. It looked a little sketchy to me.
John assured me that he would defend my honor and protect me if there were any boogie monsters inside.
This beauty is up for sale. I LOVE old trucks like this. My granddad had a similar one and I remember standing up in the seat next to him sucking on a lollipop and one arm swung over his shoulder. We would surely get in big trouble today!
And here are the big scary monsters that hosted us.
Charming and chatty as could be. He gave me a nice deal on my purchases and had a real sense of retailers sticking together and helping each other out during these times.
The Old Plow Shop in Bonduel...
you might not want to ask his wife about the 1,000 assorted elephant figurines he got a great deal on for 1,200.00.


Blogger Marshall said...

Angie, the old green truck you saw for sale ... the one you described your granddad had when you were a kid. Can you get me the phone number of the owner. Honestly, my husband would like one like this to haul wood and his kayak around the Door. I'm the one who bartered the seat cushions for the $200 piece of spindle art last summer.
586-206-4916 or; Colette Marshall

April 16, 2010 at 7:14 PM  

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