Monday, June 14, 2010

How Quickly It Goes... A Door County Wedding

This post has nothing to do with the shop. This post is purely sentimental and I wanted to just share something so sweet with you.
My oldest son, Danny's childhood friend got married on Saturday.
Cole Seaquist.
If you've ever been to Door County, you know that Seaquist name and it's association with all things cherry, apple, farm and market. Seaquist roots run very deep here.
Cole and Danny lead very different lives these days, but memories abound. Especially with us Mom's who sat on bleachers, carpooled, hosted sleepovers, celebrated our boys victories and comforted each other when we realized our babies were less than perfect.
While making our way to our seats, I spotted Delmar Dahl pulling the young men together in a prayer circle.
We were seated way out in a field surrounded by a cherry orchard. We looked back at the house to watch the ladies come in.
The flower girl made sure that those rose petals did not escape.

Here's Terry. She's Brady's Mom, who was one of Cole's best men and we love each other's boys. Who knew Pickle could turn on the charm?
You might remember Pickle from Husby's.
This picture makes me giggle.... I mean even his eyebrow is cocked just so!

Cole and Delmar Dahl making their way to the front.
Cole was born with that smile on his face.

Robin... Cole's Mom. Look how beautiful she was that day.
I know she is so proud of Cole.
We are such good friends and sometimes we have to remind each other to spend more time together.

After the I do's Lisa and Cole steal a moment before the greetings begin.
And then there's Lisa.
Cole and Lisa met at the University of Minnesota.
Did you know she lives on the island?
They grew up just miles from each other and had to go to MN to finally meet!

Here is Nick... aka Will Ferrel in Anchorman... on the left. I don't know where that hair came from!
But there is Brady on the right, and my Danny in the middle.
Danny is living in St Paul, so when I see these boys together my heart just smiles.

Lisa and Cole.
I've only met Lisa two or three times, but in those short moments, I could tell there was something very dear about her and very genuine. She is one special girl.

We could not make the reception which was held on the island.
I was sorry, especially after getting caught up in the wedding sentiments, I was ready to toast.
I know Terry got her Bitters card.... and I'm sure a great time was had by all.

Cole Seaquist, when did you become such a gentleman?
Sniff, sniff.....


Blogger Gracie's Cottage said...

That's so sweet Angie; I think for all of us Moms the kids that ours grew up with become "our" kids. It's always special to be included in their big moments.

June 14, 2010 at 9:47 PM  

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