Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vendor Preview For Viva's Trunk Show this Saturday, Monticello on Jefferson

Monticello on Jefferson was one of the first stores I went into when we moved into Door County where I thought "finally someone who knows how to do it"!
Set in a charming bungalow, Diane the owner has brought to us everything we don't need, but everything we want!

Vintage inspired dresses by Loco Lindo... want one.

An enticing array of Hobo bags and clutches.

Books of all sorts, to make us want to dream, think deeply, cook, laugh and know it's not hot in here it is just you, but that's okay.

Monticello has jewelry and accessories for any occasion.

No one in the county carries a better variety of scarves.

Whimsical items as well.

Don't forget to stop by Viva this Saturday to shop, eat and enjoy the special collections Monticello will be bringing for this event!


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