Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Shop Pictures... What's New! (and old)

I find it much more interesting to share lots of things with you, and then Ms Gracie's Cottage reminded me that I should be showing more pictures of the shop.
(for those of you wanting more of the county... Flying Pig in Algoma is a MUST)
Anyhoo.... lots of new things in this week.
I'm so fried from the trunk show and the whirlwind trip to St Paul, I can barely keep up.
Today I just decided to stay in the moment and not rush... (at the end of the day my 18 year old baby stopped by, wanting to eat dinner with me and watch Zombie Land... how can you refuse?)
From Taylor Linens, we recieved yummy linen shams that say "Good Morning", "Good Night" or "Sweet Dreams".

Still have some great vintage restaurant ware but selling out quick... getting low means I need to make a trip!
Okay, here's a question, see how heavy those saucer bottoms are? A lot of time I get in plates or saucers that have these really beefy bottoms. Do you think they were for a cruise ship or airplane? I wonder... maybe a train?!

More of the shams and quilted throw pillows.

We finally got these great lamps in.
Love the chenille like shades with the vintage looking wood bases.

Here's the good smellin' stuff! Shelly Kyle perfumes.... very light with citrus/floral notes.
And yes, that is body powder and a powder puff.
I had a customer in the other day that reminded me of when we all took baths, and them fluffed up with our Woolworth body powders... we all did, remember?

Check this out. My friend Karen gave me these tiny seedlings... sunflowers. Peter (you know Peter) put them out in the sign bed. The sign is a good seven feet tall and these babies are beyond that! Just getting ready to bloom.

These were dropped off today... back to school theme? Should, but I just can't.

Let's fast forward to Halloween! That's better than "back to school". Altered Ever After Halloween fun.

I adore this little blue chippy chair. It's sturdy and dreaming of a good home.

Burlap rules.... at least for the moment, and we've got some fun stuff.

I've never liked mass produced art work, but this one bit me. First of all, cherries.
The saying is what got me....
"We tend to seek happiness, when actually it's a choice." hmmm..."

A great assortment of frames that are new, but have a very vintage/antique feel to them.

Witchy Woman.

I love, love this! Shams and pillows on the hanging bed... very "cottagey".
Is that even a word? I know you know what I mean.

The best for last.... you don't see the entire necklace. You are missing the part that is an emptied vintage pocket watch filled with bits and pieces... and a young girl aka, Alice.

That's all for now, and sweet dreams to you each of you.


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