Monday, February 22, 2010

Sugar Cane My.... An Angry Little Post

"Yes you can!  I'll take one gallon, eggshell of Sugar Cane."  I am so excited for the changes I'm making in the shop.  "What?!  Yes, it said Benjamin Moore, Sugar Cane."

I had just read an ENTIRE blog post devoted to the beauty of the Sugar Cane color, she HAD to find it.... hell, she should KNOW about Sugar Cane, she is an expert after all.

"I'm just sure..."  I'm starting to deflate, she can't find it in the computer.  "Oh here it is," she says "they put a space between the words".  

Please. (And a little eye roll).

As she puts all the special little drops into the base coat I am thinking of how this special color is going to lighten yet warm a couple of walls.  The shaker revs up and I am comforted by the sound of its vibrations, knowing that by the end of today.... magic. 

"Light pink is what you wanted right?"

"Sugar Cane," I corrected her.

Merry, merry little day I'm having.

As I'm pouring the liquid gold into the paint tray, I'm surprised it's not a little........ different.  Oh well, who cares, I have Sugar Cane!

You know, not only will this room look nice with the new color, so will THAT one.  I think I'll try a little section so see what it looks like with the painted squares on the floor.  Hmm, pretty but a little light.  It just needs a second coat, so while I wait for that to dry, I take all of the card displays off the wall.  Happy, happy.  Taking out nails, filling holes.

One coat on half the wall.  What's off here?  Oh, the greenish tinge in the white ceiling paint is making the Sugar Cane look a little off.  I'll have to paint the ceiling.  No biggie, it'll pay off in the end.

In my perfect little day of painting and creating magic, I'm noticing that my neck is starting to hurt from pushing and pulling the roller brush across the ceiling.  Small price to pay for SUGAR CANE.

Obviously it will all need a second coat, but after that, dreamy, wonderful Sugar Cane.

Oh, put a second coat on the wall in that other room.

Okay!  Time for the second coat in the card room... but first I must go out the front door and come back in so that I can thrill in the glory that IS Sugar Cane.

Hmm.  Well, it's just in need of that second coat.

Second coat on and drying.... my neck is starting to get a little angry, so I don't quite finish the last section of the ceiling.  Who cares, I've got tomorrow.

Out the front door again... to thrill once more at the surprise.

Hmm.... it just needs to dry.... everybody knows that it looks DIFFERENT when it's dry...

Folks, with the card room and half of the room towards the back painted, I have a slightly lighter version of Pepto Bismol with a little cool lavender thrown in... only slightly lighter.

In my earlier post, I spoke of my excitement of this "old world look" of pink, as well as mentioning that I am no fan of pink.

Why didn't someone TELL me?  You... you... and you as well!  Is there even such a thing as "old world" pink?  You KNEW I was making that up.

I will go back to Champeau Paint Store tomorrow with my tail between my legs and my aching neck and beg her to help me with the MESS that IS Sugar Cane.


Blogger Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh my Gosh, I laughed so hard when you said you went out the door and came back in to experience the thrill of your new paint job. ..... because I have done the same thing!! Glad to know I am not the only one 'cause DH just shakes his head. I am so sorry the color was all wrong. I would think an "old world" pink would have a little beige in it.....?? no?? Hope your poor neck is feeling better.

February 25, 2010 at 1:11 PM  

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