Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Break All The Way To Sturgeon Bay

I am really feeling relieved to have the Vintage Nest of Door County Show behind me.  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported this crazy thing we just did.  I have just about finished breaking down the show and have lots of fun things to add to the shop.  Actually, I am quite inspired to rearrange and re do the whole shop.  
Sunday, John and I just had to get out of the house and not think about how we should be breaking down the show and decided to take a detour.
Before that, let me share a couple of Nest pictures.
Above is a darling young woman who found the perfect pair of shoes for dancing.
How sweet is she?
So.  Fire and Ice Festival.  Ice sculptors, snow sculptors from all over the US,  people from all over the Mid West.
We had a great time and may have gotten a couple of People's Choice votes.
The snow sculptures were down by the Maritime Museum.
We NEVER go to these things.  You know, when you live here the draw is not the same as it is for a visitor.  So with cabin fever and all, we ended up having a great time!
We started out having some great spicy black bean chili at The Inn at Cedar Crossing.  (my frank opinion is this place is not near as good as it used to be, but luckily the chili has not changed).
Leap Frog.
Tugs down by the old bridge.  Zoom in to see the name of the barge.
Kissing the fish.
Happy Valentines Day!


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