Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Lovely Escape To You From Me.

Today I am home alone, which sometimes is the greatest gift I can give myself.
The snow is coming down and I really can't go anywhere.  Other than refilling the bird feeders and walking the dogs, I've nothing to do and I'm relishing every moment of it.
So I lit a fire and checked my blog.  I love to do this when I have lots of time because you tend to float around the world all from your armchair.
So today, I checked comments and found one from the "Brocantess". (click here).
She left a lovely comment and I went to check out her blog.
What a treat!  I'm inspired all over again.
As I scrolled throughout her blog, I found this.
The whole blog is lovely, but scroll down to the last post for the the pictures of her beginning.
Check both of these places out.
You'll thank me for the escape and the lovelies.
Happy day all.


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