Monday, February 8, 2010

Held Over By Popular Demand! (uh-oh)

The Vintage Nest of Door County will be showing again this coming weekend.  We were discussing the snow storm coming in on Tuesday, the process of packing up before that hits, when we remembered that quite a few customers were hoping we would be here longer.
With the big festival coming up this weekend in Sturgeon Bay, people were telling us to stay.  So after a quick call to Marge to see if she would let us stay in the building, all was set.
Of course this means I will be spending this week on the road in search on new items to bring in!  (such a hard life I lead...).
How cute is this purse with the bird's nest hanging on the mail box!
I adore this.  Small Town Vintage took a silver tray that had openings around the edges,  tied ribbons to it and hung it.  How fun this would be in so many areas of my house!
Okay, so Sunday quieted down and we got a little loopy.  The hats came out.  This hat was in my room and when Julie put it on, she donned it the "face-lift" hat.
Here's Joan, one of our favorite customers, trying on a vintage velvet hat with a big rose in the center.
I caught Mary Beth trying on one of Carol's painted gardening hats.  
Even our customers bring in lively topics of discussion!
Here is Katie of Small Town Vintage tweaking one of her displays.  The four of us are all so different which made for such fun this weekend.  We all know each other, but we didn't "know" each other.  Katie has the best display ideas I've ever seen.  She has more talent in her pinky finger than most people.  Someone wondered how she slept at night with all of these ideas she keeps coming up with.  Don't even get me started on her children!  Claire is seven and I think she is "Eloise" in disguise.... she was adored by many Friday night in her fabulous dress and matching hand bag.  (She has a flair for the dramatic).  And 18 month old Owen.... well let's just say he won't have any trouble getting the ladies or anything else he wants as he gets older.

Above left is my best gal, Carol.  This woman knows how to treasure hunt and isn't afraid of any dumpster!  She goes where no man would go and comes up with stuff that we just drool over!  I've always thought that Carol has a real zest for life.  Nothing keeps her down and she is always up for adventure!
There is Julie in the middle.  Friday night was a preview party and let's just say the party was in the back... or wherever Julie was!  Her laugh is infectious and she knows how to make a sale. Julie never stops rearranging and making things look new.   She brought along her friend Heidi and by the time the weekend was over we were five pounds heavier with the fantastic sweets that she had made.  (smile).
A good time was had by all, and the best was seeing all of you there.


Blogger Cobble Creek said...

It was dreamy! Can't wait for the next one. I've added an entry about it to my blog - thanks for letting me snap some photos.

February 8, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

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