Sunday, February 21, 2010

Escape With Me... Rather, Let's Pretend

I've gotten into this habit, good or bad I'm not sure yet, of spending time every morning going through the "Land Of Blog".  If you're reading this, obviously you are as well.
Today I came across a blog called Cote de Texas.
This gal is an interior decorator in the Houston area.
She has shared a home for sale she found on the Sotheby's web site.
Her insights are very entertaining and when she calls the home pretentious, she isn't kidding.
The game is to guess who the decorator is.  I had no clue, maybe you will.

The home is going for a cool 15,000,000.00.
While I am really turned off by this kind of in your face wealth, I couldn't help but dream of spending some time there.  Go and take a look, you'll admit it as well.


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