Friday, February 19, 2010

Passing And Sharing, A Gift To You

I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you.  It's rare that you see an old photo like this where everyone is smiling.  Usually, the faces are very stoic as they were probably waiting for that huge flash explosion or just nervous about how to look in a picture.
This must have been one happy day.
Behind the scenes at the Vintage Nest of Door County was a treat.  Trust me when I tell you we knew down to the most minute detail what everyone had in their booth. I watched this photo for weeks knowing it was just a prop.  When we were packing up, I just had to ask Katie if I could possibly buy it from her.  She kind of eyeballed me for a minute and then said "why don't you take it for now.  We'll share it and then when I have a project for it you can pass it back to me".   She also has a large group photo of this day that she is going to share with me.  I will share it with you as well.
Please feel free to take this photo for any project you might have.  I would love to see the end results.  Just email them to me.

So today the sun is out again and it is the time of year where I tend to have new ideas for the shop.  I'm going to spend the next ten days painting and moving big pieces.  I have new ideas for every room in the shop.  
I was inspired by a blog I read on the color pink.  I'm not a big pink fan but this person shared the color Sugar Cane by Benjamin Moore.  It's the kind of pink that has a warm, old world feel.  I will take pictures along the way and post them... so if it's horrid I can at least basque in your sympathy!
Just to add one more little note to this rambling post... What an odd time in my life.  Both of the boys are out of the house.  Remember those little peanuts that used to run the register?  When we were in the building next door and shared space with the bakery Danny got a job bussing and Ben, who was 12 at the time, worked the counter.  Ben got lots of tips because he knew how to work those dimples... he still does but in a different way!
We were always close and I'm feeling some emptiness and the county feels a little different without all the school functions and music lessons.
So to round out this rambling post, one door closes and others open.  For instance, my new friends who share lovely things with me like the photo above, and for the same friends who have sweet little children to remind me that this time in my life may be an odd transition, but little 18 month old Owen sets me straight that it's a great one.


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