Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking a Break and Naming Names

I'm taking a mental break from the Winter Wonderland event to share something that just made me laugh and smile.
I came across this great image and could not resist posting it. I found this on a blog that gives away free graphics.... I'll go back and post the name of the blog later.

So, I'm thinking that this picture speaks volumes about those of us who are serious about our junking, garage sales, flea markets and dumpster diving.

I love the bucket turned upside down, handle behing the neck and the cascades of flowers that have been attached to give it that "special" look.
What really made me smile was when I thought to myself "I would so wear that!"
Then I smiled even further when I put a list together of people I know that would also wear this special hat.
I have deleted last names as to protect their privacy.... hee hee....
Carol, Julie, Heather, Jen, Joan, Debbie, Theresa, Katie, Megan, Jeanine, Kellie, Erin, Beth, Kay, Pilar, Lori, Teresa, Diane, Pat, Martha, Amanda, Dianne... as well as lots of you who come through my shop who's faces I am well familiar with, but names are foggy.
They are used to my get ups when I go through the line at the Pig, but this might raise a few eyebrows!
Actually, there are so many of us that I'm thinking that for Fall Fest next year we should have our own place in the parade... hey, maybe we could even toss out some ping pong balls...
Hugs to you all!


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