Monday, August 10, 2009

The Big Flea

This is the reason I had to open a shop in the first place.  I love the hunt!  John and I went to the Elkhorn Flea Market this past weekend just to find treasures for you.  We braved the 94 degree heat, dust, bad food and all so that I can could bring these things to you.  Notice the bugs on the windshield that sacrificed just for you.  John gave up an entire weekend just so he could help me work for you.
I know..... and I won't mention that we spent the previous day and evening watching "Julie and Julia" and enjoying dinner at Cafe Coquette!
We hit the inside booths first and scored time after time.  I found these cute restaurant bowls and towels.  Look how polite I am waiting my turn.
John found these vintage pool balls.  These are fun to put into jars or baskets and just have out.
A snippet of Elkhorn.
This guy ROCKED!  See those two chaises behind me?  The covers are way outdated but the loungers themselves are HEAVY iron and gorgeous.  Score.  I also bought other wonderful outdoor table sets and planters.  He was a gem and helped us pack the truck at the end.
John always tries on hats.  He doesn't care if it's a man or womans hat, tiny or flamboyant, he just puts them on.  I can tell you that we get an obnoxious case of the giggles when he gets started.  
Oooh, oooh and oooh!  I am digging out old children's shoes that are all the same style but different sizes.  That white high top look.  I asked John what he thought and told me that he knew I would do something great with them.  Then rolled his eyes behind my back.
Somehow we packed it up without an inch to spare.  You'll have to come by the shop to see all the treasures and I will tell you this was one of my best excursions ever.  My husband donned me with a very special motto:
"My Wife Can Find A Needle In a #%@!stack"
The end.


Blogger Mark said...

WOW! Angie, you did SCORE! Great items and the Flea Market looks like a blast. Don't be too hard on John...hats are fun. Your truck looks like mine after a great garage sale or estate sale. I think we really need a big van.

August 18, 2009 at 9:50 AM  

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