Monday, August 3, 2009

Friends of Viva Trunk Show..... The Test.

What a glorious day Friday was!!!!  It was pure magic and good will all around.  How better to prep for the big day with friends and family just showing up to help get the gardens and grounds at their best for the very special trunk show?
My parents just popped in and said what can we do?  Are you kidding?  Dad took to mowing and Mom minded the counter and customers while I ran around like the scatterbrain I always am...... of course they know this about me, hence the showing up....
God bless Peter.  He pulled in on a day when he has other responsibilities to fine tune the gardens since our tents would be set up throughout.  
I found this really great old hanging bassinet.... wouldn't it be great to hang it from those birch branches and put the two ferns I just happened to buy in it?  My husband John had the solution... Dan you get on my shoulders and Peter you get on his, and that way we can hang this thing in a snap....  then much more manly discussion on how it could really work.  I disappeared!
I reappeared and look!  It's done! (that's my favorite guy, John).  Thanks honey!
This show is going to go off without a hitch!


The term raining buckets comes to mind.
Erin from The Patricia Shoppe making a run for it
Diane and Pat... Monticello sells the loveliest clear garbage bags... one size fits all.

After we all gathered we spent a good chunk of time just wondering and debating.... postpone until tomorrow, set up inside or just wait it out and hope?  
Ladies, we are setting up inside! 
That's when the "testing"began.
If you have been in my shop, you know that it winds around and I have several rooms.  We all chipped in and moved inventory, tables and beds.  Voila!  Set up complete.
While the commotion continued, John served up pastries.... sweets always help.
Robin of Ginger's table just jumps in and starts setting up.... can do!
Thersa from Magic Jacket easily transposes the room into Magic Jacket goodness with a wonderful display of Mona's hand painted shoes
She is also my yoga instructor, advising we just acknowledge our situation and accept it. 
I'm trying.....
Here's Carol setting up our Neesh jackets.
You know what Carol does?  She comes in at nine, when I'm at my most frenzied and says "what can I do?"  I calm myself rattle off a list and 10 minutes later, done.
10:00 sharp and here come our wonderful customers.... it's getting a little crowded with five shops in one, but we're making do......


Hey! The sun is coming out!!! Let's haul it out now and fast!  Really not too bad because our tents were set up the night before and Carol and Mom can put the shop back together!

Then the 40 mph wind gusts.  

My racks of clothing were tipping into wet grass and mud, tent tops were splashing off the rain that had gathered into the tops, jewelry displays were history. 
My friends from Ginger's table called uncle first, and I followed quickly.  The Magic Jacket was set up in a pocket where the wind did not effect them, so they stayed out.  

After everyone setting back up in the shop, the winds started dying down and Janice from the Savory Spoon decided to serve lunch outside as well.  Want to know what I had for lunch?  Fennel and caramelized onion quiche with salad greens, peach iced tea and and blueberry torte for dessert. (this would explain a few things)

This is finally where the fun began and we all settled into doing what we do.
I wish I had a better picture of Savory Spoon.  If you look to the right, you can kind of see the linens from Provence covering the table where we ate under the arbor.
We had lots of very special visitors that day!
Mary Ellen from Turtle Ridge.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Again, in all the frenzy I didn't get good pictures of inventory.  She make that most fantastic leather handbags and accessories.  Please click and see her work...  I've been told that you don't belong to Door County until you have one of her bags.  (she graced me with one).
These hand tied bouquets form Flora were sure a bright spot.  Helen's adorable daughter was selling these.
Diane and Pat from Monticello.  Again, no good shots of the gorgeous cashmere shawls, dresses and handbags she brought.  See how happy we are now?  Blueberry tart.... mmmm.
Debbie on the far left and Theresa, right from Magic Jacket visiting with old friends a customers
A sampling..... Magic Jacket
Isn't this fabulous?
Erin from the Patricia Shoppe with her side kick Paula.  Cute, huh?
Very cool vintage style wallets.
A sampling of jewelry from Patricia Shoppe.
Fun from Gingers's Table.  There was so much to see and so many different styles.


Big smiles and lots of fun.  See you next year..... with a huge tent delivered and set up, able to withstand any conditions.
The End.


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