Friday, May 1, 2009

Peter The Gardener

If you've been to Viva la Cottage during the season, you know who Peter is. Peter is Door County's favorite gardener. He caretakes and tends several gardens around the county. Everyone wants him, but few of us are lucky enough to have him.
Originally from Germany, Peter met his beautiful American born wife over there while they were attending university together. They married and moved back to the states and have two young daughters. Let me tell you that the women in Peter's life are all quite talented and beautiful to boot! His daughters look like they just stepped out of a fairy tale... fair skinned, tiny freckles, wide open grins and fair red hair (go figure).

When Peter works here, I'm never sure what the day will bring. What I do know is that Peter takes breaks for chats... he even takes chat time off of his hours. I love that he delights in conversation and finds interest in anyone that passes. A lively conversation puts a sparkle in his eye and makes your day brighter.

Did you know that he loves and practices tai chi? So much so that I've looked out my window at any given time and seen him practicing in the gardens. I wonder what people think when they drive by, but especially when he's weilding the sword!!!!

Peter raises almost all of his own food. Vegatable gardens, chickens, hunting deer... you name it. His family works very hard throughout the summer working and harvesting. Peter's lunches always look better than mine, that's for sure. While I'm mindlessly scarfing down a Lean Cuisine, he's eating a drool worthy sandwich made on the bread that they make themselves. Then of course it's downed with mint tea that they've grown and dried themselves.

This year we are planting our own pumpkin patch. Why would I spend so much money on pumpkins to decorate for fall when we can grow them ourselves? Peter's advise for sure. The bed will be in the back corner of the shop... check it out later!

I'm very sentimental about Peter for a variety of reasons. When Peter returns to the shop in April, I know spring is coming and winter is surely behind us. Busy days are ahead. Peter laughs heartily and is compassionate about people and anything they might be going through... the good the bad and the ugly.

He brings us fresh eggs.

Peter's here on Thurdays this year.


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