Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friend's of Viva Trunk Show

I hope you can all come and enjoy our next very special event!  This is a very different show than our vintage market.  The trunk show is very special to me because it is my chance to share with you my very favorite boutiques and friends in all of Door County.
Once a year we gather in the gardens, set up white tents and unveil a very special inventory to share that we have been gathering all year.
This year you will enjoy treasures from
  • Monticello in Sturgeon Bay
  • The Patricia Shoppe in Egg Harbor
  • Magic Jacket in Fish Creek
  • Viva la Cottage
  • Turtle Ridge in Ellison Bay
Savory Spoon will be serving a lovely lunch and sweets as well as Flora on hand with very special hand tied floral bouquets for your pleasure!

My favorite memory from last year was the wonderful dressing room we had set up outside lined with Pine Cone Hill floral sheets.  I don't think there has ever been such a special dressing room!

You are all invited and feel free to bring friends as that is what this day is about.  Let's celebrate the lovely and enjoy each other's company as we shop, explore, nibble and uncover very special treasures!


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