Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cabbage Roses

If you check out the blogs I follow, you will see Farm Chicks as one I love. Serena, one of the two Farm Chicks, posted this yesterday and I couldn't help but to share. You might not know this, but I am passionate about flowers. I worked in several flower shops in my younger years. After a time I realized that the hardest and busiest time in a flower shop was any given holiday and after becoming a Mother, realized that I needed to find something that was less stressful and easier on the precious family time we had.
I still can't get enough of them. Flower arranging was the first kind of design work I had ever done and looking back now, was an introduction to a creative side of me I didn't know I had.
That being said, the picture above is something I haven't seen before! So the great kale that you bought at the nursery in early fall that has become overgrown and spindly..... pull off enough of the bottom leaves until you reach the point where the smallest growth is left. There you have it, "Cabbage Roses" to make a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!


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