Monday, June 16, 2008

Behind the Scenes

This is the time of year when plenty of inventory has arrived, but the customers have not.
  Oh yes, I do plenty of crying and stressing in June, but I also know that once July hits,
 we are going great guns! 
Carol is working for me again this year (thank goodness!) and she is one
"junker" extremist!  I've had lots of you asking where we
get all of our great vintage stuff, and let me tell you it's more 
work than going to the trade shows!
While my favorite haunts are big shows like Round Top in Texas,
we are also lucky to have some great spots in our own back yard.
If you haven't hit Julie's Upscale Resale in Sister Bay, well you must.  Like any resale 
shop it's hit or miss, but most often times it's a hit and her prices are just right.
I also like the Bargain Corner and Roadside Market in Sturgeon Bay.
So there are a couple of secrets from me, Happy Junking!


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